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If you're looking for me this week, I'll be at the 2005 Hike & Ride.

Seven teams, each consisting of two riders or skiers will have 72 hours to create their own film. Script, camera, directing, editing, stunts, music and jokes – it’s all up to them. So is the judging.

Once we get back from filming in the mountains, there's a party in at the EWZ in Zurich to premeire the films and have some fun. Drop me a line if you want to join.

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Our Next Management Hire [A Bizarre Gardening Accident]

So, big decision time. Sleepless nights and all the rest. The question is whether we need another drummer, or someone who can play a different instrument?

No, this isn't about a band. Dave Balter, founder of BzzAgent, need some help deciding to hire a VP of business development or a COO. They'd like your opinion.

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About the Times

The acquisition of by The New York Times Company is a very smart move. In 1995, when I met Martin Nisenholtz for the first time, I remember him saying that digital would become the most important group of assets at the NYT Co in under 20 years. Looks like he is delivering on his promise.

Fred Wilson agrees. He describes the combined business as a network where creativity and advertising happen both "centrally and on the egdes." It is a nice way to look at the model. is all over this story. This is their interview with Nisenholtz.

Susan Mernit thinks that the Times has bought a gold mine .

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From 62° North to 7° South

Travel from Sweden to the Seychelles and find out why distance does not always translate into difference. From 62° North to 7° South is the latest gallery on my photo site,

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Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray
by Hunter S. Thompson via ESPNs Page 2

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Common John, tell me another story.

John Moore and I are having another interesting debate over on his blog, Brand Autopsy. This time, it is about BzzAgent’s Natural Buzz and the value of marketers "telling a story" versus empowering others to "tell stories" for you.

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One word review: Awesome

Jack Johnson's new music video for the single 'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' by the Malloys is now available on his site.

The album, "In Between Dreams," comes out on 1 March.

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Sell-Side Advertising: Sellers Become Seekers

Great article by Dave Morgan, founder and CEO of Tacoda. Thanks, Fred, for spotting it.

This is the latest in an ongoing dialog about Sell-Side advertising. If you are not sure what this means, check out these articles ... and you will.

Many-to-Many: Cost Per Influence
Ross Mayfield (July 2004)

Sell Side Advertising: A New Model?
John Battelle's Searchblog (Aug 2004)

A New Idea for Publishing
John Battelle (Jan 2005)

A VC: Sell Side Advertising
Fred Wilson, Flatiron Partners (Jan 2005)

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Winners Gallery 2005 - World Press Photo

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Happy Valentine's Day

Well, kinda ... if you consider "Who Ordered Room Service?" a Valentine.

Then, there is Zefrank ... On Valentine's Day.

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The Gates

For those that "don't get" the gates, I'm with Richard Rohan:

If nothing else, you've been compelled to fabricate (pun intended) clever quips about what they look like to you or how it "feels" in Central Park draped in saffron.

You "get it" and you don't even know it.

The Gates are here to warp our perception of a familiar landscape. They have sufficiently blown everyone's mind and given frozen New Yorkers a sunny reason to walk to the park in the dead of winter.

As for the bridge and tunnel crowd being uncultured and nay-saying? You said it, I didn't ;)

As for the critics and B&T crowd: When you decide to stage your own massive display of public art in Central Park, that would be the most appropriate time to make all the changes you desire. May I suggest leaving out the pleats... I hate pleats!

The Gates, Project for Central Park, New York City

Official Photos: The Gates

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Your pick:
Fisking Calacanis or Fisking Fred Wilson

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A nice post over on Brand Autopsy about Howard Behar and Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership asks leaders to focus on creating a shared vision for all employees, fostering a spirit of interdependence, and managing with respect, honesty, and empathy.

Sunday, February 13, 2005   permalink to archived copy   DiggIt     0  comments, now in public beta, is the new Shopping Search Engine from My Simon founder, Michael Yang. Worth a look.

Jan 2005 Interview with Michael Yang
Marketing Shift Opens for Public BETA Testing

Become's Got Talent
Marketing Shift

? Link Popularity - A Thing of the Past?
Search Engine News Journal

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Hike&Ride 2005: Public Team Voting

Your vote counts ... but only until 19 February, 2005.

If you ask me, Baudin and Sandoz (Team #1) show a ton of creativity and a penchant for the extreme. They also ride like hell. Just what is needed from a public team in order to compete with the heavyweights who have been invited to the 2005 Hike&Ride.

One of the online voters will win an original Hike&Ride Sony Mini DV Camcorder (Model DCR-HC90E), which will be signed by the stars of the 2005Red Bull Hike&Ride.

Check out the clips. Decide for yourself. Then vote.

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Why Bloglines sold: It’s not a business.
The Jason Calcanis weblog

All of you out there who want to write blogs that people will read, follow this guy's lead. Always opinionated and never one to pull punches, this time around Jason chimes in on the sale of Bloglines to Ask Jeeves. Calcanis ... If he's mastered one thing over the years, he sure knows how to self-promote and keep his name out there. He also knows how to write for the web. Crisp. Punchy. Timely. Relevant.

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Google Analyst Day

Google had their Analyst Day, and among the things that were discussed was the fact that Weblogs Inc. is making quite a few bucks using Adsense. In fact, their revenue exceeds $180,000 per year.

News from the Google Analyst Day that Jason Calacanis’ Weblogsinc is bringing in over $600 USD per day in Adsense revenue and made $45,000 USD in its first 4 months with the program, which would put its yearly take from Adsense revenue alone to in excess of $180,000 per year based on this early figure, but with continued growth amongst the Weblogsinc sites and regular new additions to the network, we asre guessing that the figure will be closer to $250,000 USD over 12 months.

This, coupled with strong private advertising sales for a number of the more high profile Weblogsinc properties, could well be propelling Weblogsinc towards the $1 million USD advertising revenue figure.

The news follows recent reports that Gawker Media’s new blog Lifehacker recieved $75,000 for a 3 month exclusive advertising deal from Japanese electronics maker Sony.

Thanks, Problogger, for spotting this.

Here are a few of the best articles, reviews and commentary on Google's Analyst Day presentation:

Google's big day unusual

Things We Learned From Google's Analyst Day

Geeking with Greg: Google analyst day

Google Reveals Its Product Formula | Google details strategy for analysts

The New York Times > Google's Chef Speaks, but Not Its Finance Officer

Here are the rest:

Technorati: Search for Google Analyst Day

Google Search: Google Analyst Day

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Flickr Graph is a new app from Marcos Weskamp, the guy who created Newsmap.

Flickr Graph is an application that visualizes the social relationships inside It makes use of the classic attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs. Start exploring your contacts by entering your flickr username or the email address you used to register there.

Thanks, Shift Blog, for spotting this.

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HP After Carly: What Went Wrong?
from Knowledge@Wharton

Michael Useem, director of the Wharton's Center for Leadership and Change Management and Kevin Werbach, a professor of legal studies provide an excellent summary and analysis of the goings on ... and out ... of Carly Fiorina and HP.

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The ad called "Duif" from Versatel is a must-see. It is better than 99% of the ads in Superbowl XXXIX.

Thanks, adland, for spotting this.

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Google Maps is the company's latest beta service. Map yourself to the pizza place on the corner. Click and drag your way to Kansas City. Not bad. Not bad at all. Now, they just need to include the rest of the planet. BTW, I like the fact that the commercial side of this product is demonstrated from the start.

And, for you Euros out there ...

"Due to the new cooperation between Google, Inc, and Mapsolute GmbH, maker of the unique mapping portal, it is now possible to search for city maps in all European Google search engines. If you enter a city name into, the first result list entry is a special link to that brings up the corresponding city map. On the result page, for sure, the full set of the rich Map24 options is available to the users."

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All in all, a pretty dull bunch this year, eh? If you spend $2.5 million on a Super Bowl ad, shouldn't it be creative? If you are taking such a big risk by spending so much cash for just 30 seconds, shouldn't you try to make a lasting impact by creating a memorable message?

Watch the Super Bowl ads here on AdAge or here on iFilm.

Super Bowl Ad Standouts
The New York Times

Super Bowl Special! - The best and worst ads this year.

A pop-culture review of Super Bowl Sunday

Ad watch: Tracking Super Bowl commercials

17th Annual USA Today Ad Meter

Super Bowl Blog Survey Rates GoDaddy ad a loser

The $2.4 Million Question: What is the ROI for Super Bowl Ads?

Even Mr. Tipping Point, the right honorable Blinks-meister himself, Malcolm Gladwell, couldn't avoid the Super Bowl's marketing machine. Or, could it not avoid his? Hmmm ...

Interview: Malcolm Gladwell Page 2

And, in case you forgot, your Anthropology 5 homework assignment, "Super Bowl: An Observation of American Culture" was due today.

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I'm having a fun discussion in the comments with John Moore from Brand Autopsy about BzzAgent, "orbiting the dreck," and the fine lines between "telling a story" and "making up a story."

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Yahoo! launches Y!Q

Y!Q is the first-of-its-kind contextual search technology that analyzes the contents of the Web page you're viewing and then gives you a list of search results directly related to what you're reading.

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Virgin Massage Banner
from: Crispin Porter + Bogusky

This was a branding assignment for Virgin Atlantic Airways that was designed to extend the Go Jet Set Go! campaign. People are asked to massage the banner and the banner responds with massage moans and rippling textures almost as if it was real – and lets users experience first hand relaxation on a Virgin flight.

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Forrester: Broadband Will Hit 41% Of European Households By 2010
PRN Wire, Amsterdam

Western European residential broadband uptake has exploded in the past two years: adoption grew 81% in 2003 and continued to surge in 2004, clocking 28% growth in the first six months alone. By 2010, European broadband penetration will reach 41% (72 million households), which equals 67% of those online that year. At the same time, incumbent telcos are gradually seeing their broadband dominance being eroded by continued intense competition, market regulation, and other market forces. These are some of the key findings of the just-published Forrester Research report "European Residential Broadband Forecast: 2004 To 2010. Unlike most national and Pan-European data sources - such as ECTA, the European Commission, and national regulators - this report excludes business broadband lines and thus analyzes "pure" residential broadband market numbers.

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Frontline: The Persuaders

In case you missed it, check it out.

PBS Frontline correspondant Douglas Rushkoff "explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them."

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Can You Make My Logo Bigger?
FastForward: 12/04, Issue 12

McKee Wallwork Henderson, an agency that helps fast-track small businesses become bigger businesses, recently published a list of 13 Rules for More Effective Advertising. You can download the PDF here or read it on their website.

Thanks to John for spotting this.

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Hike & Ride 2005

The snow continues to fall in the Swiss Alps, and things are looking good for the 3rd annual Red Bull Hike & Ride.

Like last year, I'll be chasing the teams around the mountains on skis and in a helicopter during the day and then blogging the event and parties at night. This is a fantastic event, and I'm so stoked to see the progression being made year after year.

This year's international line-up is truly outstanding and includes Filippo & Giacomo Kratter (ITA), Julien Régnier & Candide Thovex (FRA), Romain De Marchi & Jim Zbinden (CH), Sven Kueenle & Jonathan Pülz (GER), Chris Davenport & Shane McConkey (USA), Andreas Monsberger & Chris Kröll (AUT). The Public Team is still a mystery.

Planning to be in Switzerand in February? If so, make a point of checking out the premiere party for the films. The party (open to the pubic) is planned for 27 February 2005 starting at 22h00 at the EWZ Selnau in Zurich.

Stay tuned ...

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The 2005 State of the Union

My favorite quote:
The principle here is clear: a taxpayer dollar must be spent wisely, or not at all.

Hmmm ... Well, the US budget deficit is likely to hit a record $427 billion in fiscal 2005. Is that wise?

Democratic Response to State of the Union Address from the Washington Post.

Former White House Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton, John Podesta blogged the SOTU on Think Progress, a project of the American Progress Action Fund, which is part of the Center for American Progress. BTW, Podesta is the President and CEO of the Center for American
Progress. Got all that?

The Note's take on things, from ABC.

For the history buffs, here is a State of the Union video and transcript archive, from Harry Truman in 1945 'till today, from C-Span.

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I doubt Budweiser will be showing this one at the Superbowl

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Show Me the Money: Extracting Value from Digital Content

The effect of digital content and new technology on the entertainment and media industries is: a) a devastating body blow; b) a profit-spewing bonanza or c) the creation of a promising market in its infancy.

The answer is all three, depending on whether you are talking about the beleaguered music industry, the fortunate movie industry or the cable business's hopes for digital cable. That was the message from an industry panel discussion at the Wharton Marketing Conference. The panel was moderated by Marshall Cohen, a media research veteran who spent 12 years at MTV and is now a member of the private investment firm Pilot Group.

from: Knowledge@Wharton

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Susan Mernit's Blog is a Bloggies finalist!

My friend's site is a finalist in this year's Bloggies as one of the Best Kept Secret choices. So, go vote for her blog!

If you do, as she puts it, "I might have a snowball's chance in hell of winning."

Good luck Susan!

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