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FOX NEWS is planning to air a redhot interview between Bill O'Reilly and boxoffice sensation Michael Moore on Tuesday. The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained an embargoed transcript of the session ...

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These web sites are identical—or are they?

75% of web design is normative, the rest is merely color and pictures.

Not sure if I agree, but worth a look ...

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Happy Fun Pundit: July 2004 Archives

Fun With Captions!
Just when you thought the convention week was going to be boring, John Kerry delivers. I knew he had it in him. Click on the picture, and a new caption will appear, as if by magic.

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HD-NNC: High Definition National News Consortium

July 26, 2004 - July 29, 2004
HD-NNC will cover the Democratic National Convention, July 26-29 at the FleetCenter in Boston. HD-NNC members and other interested parties should contact HD-NNC to learn about HDTV coverage. In addition, HD-NNC will provide live streaming coverage at this website.

August 30, 2004 - September 2, 2004
HD-NNC will cover the Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City. HD-NNC members and other interested parties should contact HD-NNC to learn about HDTV coverage. In addition, HD-NNC will provide live streaming coverage at this website.
read more

November 2, 2004, 1PM
HD-NNC will carry full, high-definition coverage of this year's election.

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Method DVD/Mag: Videos

A bunch of new snowboard and sk8 teasers/trailers are live on Methodmag:
Iceland Park Project
Shaun White: The White Album
Young Guns
Fast Food
OLFA (One Landing For All)

If you don't know Method, you should ... ;)

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Urban Legends Reference Pages: Politics (Terror in the Skies)

Annie Jacobsen's article and her opinion piece follow-up, published on and widely circulated across the Internet, has been completely discredited.

Her hysterical account of her flight was frightening, and I would have hated to be on the plane with her. And don't get me started on how totally anti-Arab her tone and opinions are. She wrote, "As 'aware' Americans, my husband and I exchanged glances, and then continued to get comfortable." From this we are to deduce that all "aware" Americans should fear Middle Eastern men on planes. Instead of me picking through it, why not read it for yourself ....

I'm just glad that someone took the time to debunk her crap.

In the end, I feel kinda sorry for her, as this whole episode is another example of how we have been convinced that we must be affraid. Terror alert ORANGE! Be affraid!

Do I think it necessary to be alert and aware of the world that we live in? Sure.
Do I think that Bush and co. are creating an environment that generates fear? You bet.
Do I think that fear makes us less safe and more apt to behave like sheep? Yes.
Do I think the Bush government knows this? Of course they do.
Does that make me affraid? Well, yes it does.
Is that sad? Yes, it is.
Is there something I intend to do about it? Why, yes there is ...

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Transcript: Bill Clinton's 2004 convention speech
Democratic National Convention: Official Site

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Webnote - an online tool for taking notes

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Nader's GOP Raiders

By David S. Broder
Thursday, July 22, 2004
Page A21

Ralph Nader has a genius for controversy. The man who made his reputation by badgering corporations on safety issues and consumer rights, and caused the Democrats heartburn by "stealing" votes from Al Gore in 2000, is at the center of another snarling fight -- this time over ballot access for his third presidential campaign. Once again Nader sees himself as the innocent victim of powerful forces, rather than the instigator of trouble.

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Dunbar/Chiappin Gallery: 'New Body of Art' Series

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Google circa 1960

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Avenue Q on Broadway

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A blog list for media guys
From Jeff Jarvis over at Buzz Machine ...

At the Aspen Institute conference, I was asked to provide a starter list of suggested blogs. Here's what I sent them. Now don't get all hurt and pissy and angry and bloggy if I left you off; it's just a sampling.

* covers the business of online content. By an aggressive one-man band, Rafat Ali, who is making a go of it with advertising. He also has a job
that is good for business intelligence.
* I Want Media by Patrick Phillips is an alternative to Romenesko.
* Corante has a number of very good blogs about the social impact of technology as well as media and the law. Among them, The Importance by attorney Ernie Miller, Copyfight by Donna Wentworth and others, Loose Democracy by David Weinberger (coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto), and Many to Many by Clay Shirky and others.
* Lost Remote is a good blog about TV by two TV producers, Cory Bergman and Steve Safran.
* CableNewser follows cable news like a hound dog and it is written by an 18-year-old college student.
* Ad Rants by Steve Hall is beloved by trendwatchers, as it finds what's new in advertising.
* NYU's Jay Rosen writes a very well-respected (if long) blog about journalism here.
* The Media Drop is a new blog by Tom Biro.
* The World Editors Forum started a blog here.
* San Francisco journalist Tim Porter blogs about newspapering.
* Om Malik of Business 2.0 writes about broadband.
* Those of you who got my blogcard: It was by adman, cartoonist, blogger Hugh MacLeod.
* NewsDesigner has nice insights on newspaper design and news judgment.
* Rex Hammock, a custom publisher, writes often about magazine launches.
* Unmediated is by a bunch of visionary video hackers who will reinvent TV.
* VH1's Best Week Ever show hashes over story ideas on its blog.
* Reason Magazine has a most effective blog.
* Dave Barry blogs.
* Mercury News tech columnist Dan Gillmor is a pioneer blogger and he has a new book on the topic.

* Instapundit by law professor Glenn Reynolds is the king of blogs, getting as many
as 4 million page views a month.
* Andrew Sullivan is popular and controversial and he has managed to switch from a print to an online career. As he said at the Online News Association,"This happens once in a lifetime: You don't stumble across a new medium every day." Amen.
* Atrios is an anonymous liberal blogger.
* Josh Marshall is a leader on the left.
* Yale's Jack Balkin covers politics from a legal perspective.
* Stanford's Lawrence Lessig beats the copyright drum until it's black and blue.
* The Bush blog.
* The Kerry blog.
* Kevin Drum moved from his personal blog to creating the Washington
Monthly blog
* Robert Cox fought The Times -- and he won.
* Australian journalist Tim Blair will be covering the election on his blog.
* See also Daniel Drezner, Begging to Differ, Matthew Yglesias, Oliver Willis, Outside the Beltway, Roger L. Simon (the mystery novelist and screenwriter, not the columnist), Winds of Change.

* Of course, you need to read Nick Denton's blogs: Gawker about New York media and gossip, Wonkette on D.C., Defamer on L.A., Gizmodo on gadgets. See also competitor Jason Calacanis' and author Peter Rojas' gadget blog Engadget.
* BoingBoing, a wildly popular group blog by Corey Doctorow, Xeni Jardin and others,
is rich turf for story ideas and trends.
* Command Post started during the war as a group blog pointing to the latest headlines from everywhere; it continues to perform a valuable and timely service of finding the lastest and best news; this is editing by the mob.
* Anil Dash of Movable Type (SixApart) provides a half-dozen or more quick links each day.
* Curbed is a New York real estate blog.

* VC Fred Wilson has led a score of other VCs into blogging.
* I only wish Esther Dyson updated her blog more frequently.
* VC Joi Ito blogs as a lifestyle.
* BlogAds founder Henry Copeland keeps a blog here.

* Howard Rheingold et al write about mobile culture at SmartMobs.
* Doc Searls (another coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto and one of the most respected figures in blogging) writes about much more than technology (including media and Howard Stern).
* Pioneer Dave Winer.
* Robert Scoble (taking a break now) blogs from inside Microsoft... along with 800 other employee bloggers.

* Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder) single-handedly started the Iranian weblog revolution.
* Zeyad, a 25-year-old dentist in Baghdad, was the first of a rash of Iraqi bloggers who emerged after the war and after Salam Pax. He has led to a score more, including Iraq the Model (quoted frequently in U.S. press), Iraq at a Glance, and Alaa.

* Technorati tracks all the links among blogs, causing conversation (here are the links to my blog).
* Blogdex is similar.
* So blog already. Try TypePad or Blogger ... and send me the link!

: Also... Here are links to previous Aspen-related posts: My notes on the conference.... my presentation on transparency, technology and the newsroom.... fisking Alex Jones on opaque journalism.... ditto Randall Rothenberg... and see this on Seth Godin and exploding channels.

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Technorati is Going to The Democratic Convention with CNN
Also, if you see some interesting post about what's happening at the convention, please email me at mary at, with the subject line CONVENTION COVERAGE, because we need good quotes to show how powerful people's ideas are.

CNN to Report Amid Action of Convention from Exclusive Floor Set
Through BlogWatch,, with the help of leading Web log monitor Technorati, will provide an up-to-the-moment review of Web logs covering the convention. will offer its own convention Web log with updates from senior political correspondent Candy Crowley on the platform and from CNN anchors, analysts and correspondents, including James Carville and Tucker Carlson, both of Crossfire.

CNN and Technorati: Unconventional wisdom

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Lance and Nike make cycling look very cool.
Nike: See Lance Ride

The "Wear Yellow" campaign

There is an excellent interactive/live pop-up "Tour Guide" tracker for the tour, sponosred by AFP
NYTimes Special: The Tour de France

Update/22 July:
Just found this ... A blog written by Lance Armstrong's bike.

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The press pool is getting a bit bored, I think. Below, the New York Times' David Sanger files his report in rhyme. Funny, I did that on my AP Bio final. Guess it worked for him too. BTW, thanks, Wonkette, for pointing this out ...

Pool Report #3
July 20, 2004
St. Louis to Andrews

There was no news aboard Air Force One,
After it left the tarmac at six-fourty-one.

No news, I say, save for the President's sweat,
Which soaked his shirt, hoo-boy was he wet.

No official, tall or small, came back to spin,
'Til McClellan drifted by with this little thing.

Turns out that when the 9/11 commissioners visit 1600 on the 'morrow,
They will meet no C-in-C, to their sorrow

"Just Judge Gonzales and Condi,'' said Scott,
Though the next day they return for the POTUS photo-op.

With that guidance we went into descent,
Our stories filed, our color sent.

The big plane landed at nine-twenty-two,
And disgorged its tired, cranky little crew

Yet as we wandered into that good night,
One hundred and four days remained to re-witness the fight.

David E. Sanger
NY Times

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J-Walk Blog

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the box doodle project

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Dance, Voldo, Dance

fun, from people with obviously much too much time on their hands.

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This Land

Must see. Really.

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2004 Election coverage--What I'd like to see
Susan Mernit's Blog

note: Susan is a colleague from days past. A good egg, nice mom, and sharp as a tack.

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Possible Follow-up Songs for One-Hit Wonders
McSweeney's Internet Tendency

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An Ad Guy's Biggest Pitch: Himself
The New York Times

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Official Site
Plain, but effective. Lots of information and a nice Java pop-up tracker. Radio. A few videos. No live stream.

The 2004 Open Championship Very nice intro. Layout is clean and slick. Flash animations of the course and descriptions are very nice. If the Official Site is the data source, then this is your brochure.

NYTimes Sports: Golf: British Open
Clifford Brown and Dave Anderson of The Times are two of the best small ball writers in the biz, even when the tournament is not on Long Island.

Golfweb: British Open
Worth a look.

Sports Illustrated: British Open
More smash-mouth than most of the other coverage. The editorials can be quite funny. Need proof? Try Gary Van Sickle's last two articles: It's Tiger Time and, even better, Familiar role where we get this beauty of a quote: This week's British Open at Royal Troon could turn into some sort of tipping point. No, not cow tipping. Get your mind out of that Wisconsin gutter. I'm talking about a seismic shift in the golf scene.


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Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know.

Fox News Memos: The Whole Batch

After the jump are about 30 memos from Fox News chief John Moody, released to journalists by the makers of the anti-Fox documentary "Outfoxed" to support their claim that Fox bends the rules and twists the news. And boy howdy, do they.

Happy talk from hell
Even if you think you're wise to Fox News' right-wing agenda, Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed" will leave you very afraid.

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this is what happens when a real journalist is given the chance to interview bush. i'm sure the white house commincations staff is still getting thrashed for this. i can hear it now ... "how could you let a thing like this happen?" ... ˙ou all better learn a lesson from this, because withthe election so close, we will not stand for tihs kind of shoddy work."

Carol Coleman from RTE 1 interviews W.

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he seems pretty pissed. a pleasure to work with, i'm sure. and he's got a mouth like dick cheney ...
Winnebago Man

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Michael Moore says it is ok to share his movie, Fahrenheit 9/11, over the Internet. I started downloading it today, via Bittorrent.

I don’t agree with the copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people. As long as they’re not doing it to make a profit, you know, as long as they’re not trying to make a profit off my labor. I would oppose that."

Here are some Bittorrent links to "Fahrenheit 9/11". Another good place to look is on Supernova. Just search for Fahrenheit 9/11. Here is one Bittorrent of Fahrenheit 9/11 on Supernova. Here are two more: F911 and Bittorrent

Even MooreWatch, a decidedly anti-Moore web site, is promoting the download. Always nice when critics lend a helping hand ... MooreWatch - Steal This Movie

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