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Location update ...

After spending Memorial Day weekend in NYC, I'm now in Boston for a few days for meetings and some chowder. Then I'll be up in Rochester for a few days before heading back to London. Just in case you were wondering ...

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A bit more than two pounds

Compare this interview with Google:

There's this one user, a Google zealot - we don't know who he is - who occasionally sends an e-mail to our "comments" address. Every time he writes, the e-mail contains only a two-digit number. It took us awhile to figure out what he was doing. Turns out he's counting the number of words on the home page. When the number goes up, like up to 52, it gets him irritated, and he e-mails us the new word count. As crazy as it sounds, his e-mails are helpful, because it has put an interesting discipline on the UI team, so as not to introduce too many links. It's like a scale that tells you that you've gained two pounds.

to this.

(Marissa, if you wanna chat, just email 2lb-at-iboy-dot-com.)

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BuzzMachine aka Jeff Jarvis is leaving his day job at Advance Publications (where we used to work together) and is heading into the wild world of citizen's media. Good for you, Jeff!

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Los Gatos start-up: 1
World's largest retailer: 0

Netflix Takes Over Wal-Mart DVD Rentals
is the Netflix press release.

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Oh yes, the (New York) Times, they are a chargin' ...

What a bummer. Thanks to Times Select, the NYTimes is going to charge a fee to read Maureen Dowd and other op-ed columnists. Thanks Martin, but I'm not so sure. Not sure if it is a good idea and not sure if I'll even consider paying. At a time when blogs are gaining such momentum, it strikes me as a bit odd that the Times would start charging for the op-ed columns.

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Still sad ... but at least I got quoted. ;)

Wired News: Splitsville for CC and BzzAgent

Wired reporter Dan Terdiman interviews Larry Lessig and Dave Balter and quotes my comments on the situation.

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Golf Boot Camp, Where Duffers Go to Suffer - and Improve
The New York Times

Oh man, do I ever need this.

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Update: BzzAgent and Creative Commons

They called it off. See: BzzAgent's blog and
Lawrence Lessig's blog and Joi Ito's blog.

In the end, I find this sad. Sad, because of those who chose to fight instead of cooperate for the greater good and benefit of CC. Sad, because of those who chose to be elitist and ignore the benefits instead of working together to help CC grow. Sad, because of those who were so quick to destroy something just because they could.

If anything, I hope that those who shunned this partnership and took the time to share thier thoughts will take it upon themselves to carry things forward, organize themselves, and promote CC. It is a wonderful idea and deserves it.

To those who were against it, I challenge you to back up your passionate criticism which ended this partnership with action. Step up and take on the challenge. Volunteer your time. As there is no relationship here to criticize any longer, you have no reason not to.

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BzzAgent and Creative Commons

Short version of a long story:

BzzAgent does pro-bono work. CC and BzzAgent decide to work together. Some people think it is a good idea. Some CC members, like Sew Charman, do not and blog about it. Dave Balter does not like the way people characterize BzzAgent and posts a nasty message in response. Among other things, the CC members, including Sew Charman, do not like being called liars. Lawrence Lessig asks people for their opinion and considers dropping the campaign. Lots of people weigh in. Balter posts an apology. Apology accepted, but the debate goes on ...

How do I feel about this? I think that:
1. The idea of a pro-bono partnership is a great idea.
2. Balter was out of line but has since made good.
3. The CC people have totally overracted.
4. There is a lot of elitism out there doing good for no one.
5. Work it out. Don't throw it out.
6. If the situation cannot be resolved, BzzAgent should drop it, not CC.

Now, here is the long version:

Posts that got things started:

BzzAgent: BeeLog posts:
Bloggers as Liars
An Open Letter to Lawrence Lessig
Apologies to Suw & Corante

Sew Charman:Corante/Strange Attractor:
Oh dear. Creative Commons shack up with BzzAgents
Apparently I am a liar
Dave Balter apologises

Lawrence Lessig:
Bzzzz: seeking advice

This is my post on Lessig's blog:

    A very interesting debate ...

    Among other things, I'm a blogger and photographer. I also like mountian climbing and making web sites with photos from the trip.

    I like Creative Commons and Common Content, and I've used its copyright for my creative work.

    I'd like more people to know about CC.

    MW wrote: However there does seem to a feeling amongst many people that the Creative Commons needs to be better promoted offline than it is currently.

    I would argue that Creative Commons needs to be better promoted. Period. Ask around ... How many of your non-alpha-geek friends, family, and colleagues have heard of CC?

    Go on. Ask.

    And then ask people in other places other than major metro areas in the USA. Then try asking people in Europe. Sure, CC is expanding, but as great as it is, CC is still relatively unknown by the masses.

    Why not do something about it?

    SpreadFirefox is a great campaign. Let's do something like it.

    Tell-a-friend campaigns are effective, too, and CC should have better ways for members to inform others about their content.

    Getting CC into places like the Firefox search bar or the new Yahoo! Search for Creative Commons are great initiatives.

    We should do more.

    In addition to being a fan of CC, I'm also a fan of BzzAgent. They're one of the most transparent marketing and communication companies I've ever seen. They have an open, effective business model with reputable clients. They advocate an ethical approach to their business and seem to want to do some good.

    Did Dave Balter screw up and make a mess of things, especially with Suw? Yes. Open mouth. Insert foot.

    That said, it is my experience that Dave is a very passionate person and cares very deeply about the company he is creating ... much like the way folks are passionate and care about CC. He was very quick to re-think his words and offer an appology. Not something you see from everyday companies.

    Contrary to the opinion expressed in many posts, BzzAgent does not "use people to lie to their friends in order to advertise and profit" ... They help companies organize and manage word-of-mouth marketing.

    It is so easy to make fun of and come down hard on BzzAgent ... They've worked with a sausage company and a shoemaker. Gets a laugh every time. But who cares? They want to help CC, and they want to do it for free.

    There is much CC has to gain from this partnership.

    Work it out. Don't throw it out.

    "Of course, thatís just my opinion. I could be wrong."
    - DMiller

Here's where I've found some lively discussion of the matter:

Kevin Marks: Many-to-Many: BzzAgent and Creative Commons - a cultural chasm (My response to Kevin is here.)

Many-to-Many: Creative Commons crossing the line?

Eric Rice :: Creative Commons + BzzAgent = Brilliant!

Johnnie Moore's Weblog: Bzz controversy

Wired News: Free Buzz Blitz Earns Rebuke

pc4media: BzzAgent Doesn't Handle Negative Buzz Very Well

Just a Gwai Lo Ľ Blog Archive Ľ An Idea So Good That Itís Worth Spending Time Explaining Without Expecting Something in Return

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