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Because Pop-up ads suck!

The links below take you directly to the "opt out" feature of the ad server listed. Clicking these links stop the advertising from that adserver. Period.

If you enjoy seeing pop-up ads, please do not use this service. Information on how this works can be found here.

One of the larger adservers. Serves Gambling and Casino ads. Often seen on Lycos, Excite, Yahoo and others. Opting out of doubleclick will also disable many in-line banners.

Many different type of ads. Seems to go down frequently. If it fails, try later.

Ads for the X10 camera. This link should opt you out for 3000 days even though the message says 30 days. Thanks go to Steve for the tweak.

Serves "click to win" type ads. Opting out of this one seems to kill a lot of in-line banner ads too. Might fail on the first try. [because they do not want people linking to it directly] If it does, you'll be given an alternative link at the bottom of the page they direct you to.

Often serves movie ads. Seen on movie sites.

24/7 Media
Popups and banners, seen at Yahoo! and others.

Avenue A
Another ad server. Handles a lot of different companies.

The next three are courtesy of Nine at Jinks Removing dot Org.

The Hunger Site
Eliminates click-tracking and pops while visiting The Hunger Site.

The Breast Cancer Site
Eliminates click-tracking and pops while visiting The Breast Cancer Site.

The Rain Forest Site
Eliminates click-tracking and pops while visiting The Rain Forest Site.

Blue Streak
Delivers ads, pops, rich media. Used by Yahoo.

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