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March 2004

Equipped with plenty of film and lots of new things to shoot, I traveled further north than I’ve ever been before. I continue to experiment heavily with cross-processed photography, and I hope you like the results. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the gallery.

Stockholm was fun! I feel like I cross-processed the whole city in a single weekend. Actually, I even found time to visit a few galleries and shoot a roll of 1600 ASA in the hotel.

We flew from Stockholm to Ostersund and then drove north to Åre. Here are some shots from the town and along the way ...

The main reason for my trip was to report on the Red Bull Big Air in Åre. This is a collection of portraits of the competitors.

The event was very cool, and the action was awesome. The fact that there were so many pro shooters there let me concentrate on more “artistic” shots.

Life in Åre … The place goes crazy when there is an event like the Big Air in town.